Outgoing Retail Account Transfer Fee $125.00
Outgoing IRA Account Transfer Fee $120.00
Returned Check $30.00
IRA, SEP IRA, SARSEP IRA, Simple IRA, Roth IRA Annual Account Fee $35.00
403(b) Annual Account Fee $45.00
Annual Inactive Fee $85.00
Annual Safekeeping Position Fee (Physical Certificates) $50.00 per year 
Bank Wire Customer Funds- Domestic $20.00
Bank Wire Customer Funds- Foreign $45.00
Duplicate Confirmations $1.25
Duplicate Statements $1.25
International Security Transfer $140.00
Transfer on Death (TOD)  
   Set-Up $50.00
   Change $30.00
Certificate Reject Fee $200.00 each 
Extensions- Domestic /International Stocks $10.00
Legal Deposits & Transfers $60.00
Non-Mandatory Non-Physical Reorganization Item $40.00
Non-Mandatory Physical Reorganization Item $45.00
Overnight Check Fee $10.00 each
Registered  Overnight Mail At Cost
Rule 144 Transfers $95.00
Security Transfer Fee - Non-DRS Eligible $200.00
Transfer  Agent Fees At Cost
Customer Handling Fee $15.00
Alternative Investment Initial Transaction Fee $150.00
Alternative Investment Annual Safekeeping Fee $100.00 per position per account
Low-Priced Certificate Deposit Fee $175.00
* Customer fees are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to change.