"We leverage our experience and contacts to find the best solution”

Our professionals have a broad range of experience that can be invaluable to a company or owner contemplating a sale, acquisition or related transaction. We leverage our experience and contacts so that our clients can make the best possible decisions. We provide a variety of merger and acquisition and financial advisory services to our clients, including sell and buy-side representation, business valuations, fairness opinions, expert witness testimony and the evaluation of strategic alternatives.

Seller Services: Selling a business is generally a once-in-a-lifetime experience and our goal is to help you realize the potential of your business investment and avoid the pain of costly mistakes. Selling your business at the best price and on the best terms possible demands knowledge and experience in the M&A process. We are happy to consult with you on valuation and process and tailoring a sale to your needs and desires without locking you into a sale arrangement until you are ready.

Buyer Services: Knowing the key steps of the due diligence process is an important element in reducing the risks associated with an acquisition. The professionals at Oak Ridge have decades of experience in researching and performing due diligence on companies.

Valuations: If you are considering a financial transaction within your company and you need third party advice on value, we will be happy to talk to you about providing a valuation of your company.

Fairness Opinions: Transactions that involve a number of minority shareholders may require retaining an investment banking firm to provide a fairness opinion. Oak Ridge personnel have provided numerous fairness opinions for a variety of transactions.

Review of Strategic Alternatives: Many business owners or boards of directors reach a point in their company’s development where the question of an exit arises. Answering this question requires an analysis of the alternatives and while a well thought out valuation can be one critical component, so is an analysis of other options such as raising capital. We are often engaged by management, boards or advisors to provide insight on corporate finance matters, industry trends, strategic planning, and a company’s performance relative to its competitors.

The professionals at Oak Ridge can review company financial statements and strategic plans and make suggestions for the growth or direction of the company without the need to be engaged on any subsequent M&A transaction.

Through our partners we have the capability to handle transactions over a broad range of sizes and industries. The personnel at Oak Ridge have handled many smaller and middle market transactions, while our partners have experience with much larger transactions. No matter what the transaction, Oak Ridge’s experienced professionals are available to help you through the process.

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