Hugh Dillon
(763) 923-2239

Hugh joined Oak Ridge in 2003 as Associate Vice President of Investments in the Private Client Services Group. He began his career in the financial services industry in 1987 working for Engler Budd, Craig Hallum, Summit Investment, and Dougherty & Co. Hugh was previously involved with the Sound of Music/ Best Buy Corporation, Club Scuba and Tom Thumb Corporation. He was mentored by a veteran broker early in his career, who taught him that “the numbers must add up”. He believes that one should establish his investment discipline, cut losses, hold better performers, and diversity some of the gains. Hugh attended the University of Minnesota. He is a retreat coordinator at Demontreville and is a Board Member of SPTC, in addition to supporting the efforts of other non-profit organizations. He also enjoys video editing (life stories), community theatre with his children, and tennis.

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Hugh Dillon - Oak Ridge Financial