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Value Statement
I assist people in pulling together the major elements of their financial lives so they may lead more productive, confident lives, achieve financial security and become truly independent.

Wealth Management Approach
People's lives and financial issues are broad but punctuated with specific must-haves, wants and wishes, which change and shift over time. I approach working with and on behalf of my clients after I have understood these must-haves, wants and wishes, and stay engaged as these change and shift over time. As a financial planner, I focus on four distinct phases of financial life:

  • Help them create and grow their assets
  • Help them protect and preserve those assets
  • Help them distribute from those assets during life in the most tax-advantaged way
  • Help them distribute assets in death in the most tax-advantaged way.

I address these four phases by primarily focusing on 13 areas, or 13 Wealth Management Issues, which have been found to be most important to clients I specialize in serving.

As a financial planner, I subscribe to MoneyGuidePro, a top-rated financial planning software to help people organize their financial lives and feel confident in their financial future. As a Retirement Income professional, I assist retirees, both before and after retirement, to pull together all the financial elements encountered in retirement (Social Security, Medicare, securities management, income, insurance issues, etc.). I produce a comprehensive, broad-based Financial Goals Plan that the investor can follow and keep an updatable copy on-hand to guide future decisions later in life. As a veteran wealth manager, I recommend fee-based accounts as a way to include investment management, research, reporting, and financial planning under one umbrella.

I am not only a career financial planner and wealth manager, I am also a passionate advocate for investors seeking responsible, sustainable investments. I focus on independent, third-party money managers who share this enthusiasm for investing in companies whose business and workforce practices uphold and sustain human dignity. I am a committed proponent of these principles of sustainable, impact investing (SRI) as I work and hope for a stronger, more humane America.

Understanding Your Financial Objectives
As a veteran financial professional, I work with you to learn your stories, your household, and your must-haves, wants and wishes for now and your future. I will employ the 13 Wealth Management Issues as a way to organize and prioritize those issues.

Developing Strategies
I analyze and evaluate the financial information you provide by utilizing my top-rated financial planning software, MoneyGuidePro. We then match your objectives with sound strategies, ranging from investment management, to Social Security strategies, to planning for health care expenses.

Implement Solutions
I help you apply these strategies to develop customized solutions tailored to your must-haves, wants and wishes.

Providing Timely Ongoing Service
I regularly review your situation, utilizing the 13 Wealth Management Issues method to revisit your financial priorities, because change happens. I will also revisit your financial information, updating your Financial Goals Plan as needed. In this manner, we continuously update and refresh your Financial Goals Plan so it continues to be a current guide for decisions. Finally, I review your investments frequently (more often as the account requires), recommending tactical adjustments within your broader strategic plan.

Over my career in helping address the financial issues of my clients, I have been with JHS Capital Advisors (an independent), RBC Dain Rauscher, Wells Fargo Investments, Morgan Stanley and PaineWebber over 31 years, since 1986. I am fully licensed, earning Series 7, Series 63 and 66 securities licenses, Minnesota insurance and long-term-care licenses, with all required updates.

I earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, while in my first career as a professional lay minister over 11 years in Twin Cities area churches.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Minnesota.

I am engaged in earning a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) certification from The American College, to be completed in the first half of 2016.

I received the 2012 Innovation Award at JHS Capital's national convention, for innovations in client communications using the internet.

I have been a published article writer for Wealth Management.com, as well as a speaker and panelist in regional Sustainability conferences in U.S. and Canada. I also speak on the topic of financial preparedness for seniors in the Twin Cities area. I created, produced and hosted "The Socially Responsible Investing" weekly radio show in 2010.

Personal Information
My wife, Dr. Wendy Zaro-Mullins and I live in Eden Prairie with two toy poodles. We enjoy our adult children and young grand-daughters, sailing, gardening, and fly fishing.

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