“We are very creative in finding solutions that satisfy your requirements”

At Oak Ridge Financial we look for companies with proprietary products or services that solve a critical need. We look for entrepreneurs and managers who have a passion for their business and believe there is a better, faster and/or cheaper way of doing things. When we find these qualities we work hard to find a financing solution that satisfies your requirements.

Size preference – We do not believe in “one size fits all” and placing arbitrary limits on financing size. We believe the best financing size for our organization is the one that provides you with the appropriate amount of capital to most effectively execute your business plan. You will never hear us say that larger deals are easier than smaller deals.

Industry preference – Although we look for companies that have proprietary (and hopefully patented) products, we may also finance service companies and other businesses that have something unique. We are particularly interested in companies that provide medical devices, software solutions, manufacturing technology, security products, energy solutions, and agricultural technology/food safety.

Form of Investment – We are flexible as to the form of investment we present to our investors. Our primary concern in structuring investments is to make sure that our investors are treated fairly relative to the other classes of investors and that the valuation provides our investors with a return that is commensurate with the risk assumed.

Stage of development – Very early stage investments can be difficult for investors due to a lack of clarity or visibility. We are flexible in reviewing companies from all stages of development, but prefer to see some revenue or other market validation that we can quantify and investors can gain comfort with.

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