Equity investments represent an ownership interest in a corporation. Oak Ridge offers a variety of equity alternatives to investors in publicly-traded companies, and proprietary, Private Placements in privately-held companies.

Stocks in publicly-traded companies are the most common form of equities. Your Oak Ridge Professional can help you sift through the many Large, Mid and Small Capitalization stocks available in the public markets to find those most suitable to meet your objectives. Even though past performance is not a predictor of future reward, stocks have historically out-performed, over the long term, other securities that typically carry less risk.

Private Placements are securities (often stock) sold by privately-held companies. These securities are restricted securities and are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Because they carry a high degree of risk and can’t be traded, they can only be sold to investors with a substantial net worth and high income levels. Private Placements can be a wealth builder for the appropriate investor. Our Investment Banking Group offers Private Placements for both Emerging Growth companies and Financial Institutions. These Private Placements are proprietary products that can only be purchased through Oak Ridge Financial.