We have demonstrated the ability to structure and execute complex, innovative transactions, which meet our clients’ specific requirements. Here are some of the specific investment banking services that we offer:

  • Common and Preferred Equity Financing
  • Subordinated and Senior Debt Financing
  • De Novo Bank Formation Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (both Buy and Sell side representation)
  • Branch Divestiture
  • Re-Capitalization Debt and Equity Placement
  • Bank Stock Valuation Services
  • Rights Offering Advisory and Execution Services

We Provide Efficient Access to Multiple Capital Markets
Our objective is to match client financing needs with the interests of a broad spectrum of lenders and investors – community banks, leasing companies, commercial banks, mezzanine lenders, insurance companies, accredited investors, pension funds and other institutional investors – many of which have participated with our professionals in funding transactions for over 30 years.

Being Close to the Markets Helps Us Optimize Terms and Conditions

We work with clients to determine a base-line pricing that will attract investor interest. By presenting your financing to several markets, we fine-tune terms and conditions based on investor interest and market intelligence. Our process generates fair value and ensures best execution.

We Provide a Fast, Efficient Source of Financing
We evaluate our client’s business and investment opportunity and give them a quick, realistic picture of where they stand and what they can expect. We manage the whole process - structuring the transaction, preparing the marketing material, cultivating lender/investor participation, feedback in preparing transaction documentation and closing the financing.

We are Relationship Focused

We are relationship driven and focused on transactions where we can forge a strong partnership with our clients and their management team so that we can help you grow and develop your business over the long term.

Our Ultimate Objective is to be a Valued Advisor

While it is certainly our goal to provide you with efficient access to debt capital, our long-range objective is to provide reliable and consistent advice and guidance based on our financial, operating and strategic expertise.

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