“Innovative financial solutions for your unique needs”

Oak Ridge's Structured Finance Group brings to Oak Ridge over 40 years of capital markets expertise in structured products solutions, portfolio sales, warehouse funding and securitization. With an emphasis on receivables financing spanning numerous asset classes, our team focuses largely on specialty finance companies at all stages of corporate growth helping them navigate through the capital markets in their search for solutions to their specific needs. The goal is to help clients take their growth to the next level by leveraging the team's relationships with their investing clients including Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Private Equity Firms, Banks and Pension Funds.

Investment Banking Capabilities

  • Advisory and Data Integrity
  • Bank Line Replacement
  • Debt capacity analysis
  • Warehouse Lending Expertise
  • Bridge Financing
  • Portfolio Sales
  • Structured Finance Strategies
  • Secondary market support for bond issues

Distribution Capabilities and Partners

  • Hedge Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Money Managers
  • Tier I Banks
  • Tier II Banks
  • Alternative Investors
  • Private Equity Groups

Our Team

Tom Baurle
Managing Director
(763) 923-2212
Tom's Bio

Chris Flannery
Managing Director
(763) 923-2206
Chris' Bio



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